246 Common

Friday 24th January
We went to the Ghibli Museum today. Even though it was the fourth time we have been there, it was still fun, and lunch it the Straw Hat Cafe is ALWAYS a highlight!




For dinner we headed to Omotosando, where we wanted to go to a place called 246 Common. The Internet told me it was an area that had a whole lot of food trucks and little crafty shops and stuff. After a bit of confusion as to its whereabouts, we eventually found it, and it was super cool. We ended up going to an Okinawan place to try the famous “taco rice” as well as tempura sweet potato, squid and seaweed. The guy selling the food was super friendly and helpful and the food was super delicious!






The purple sweet potato was the real highlight. Apologies for the weird photo of Steve, but it’s the only shot that shows how purple it was.



I had some local beers and Steve had a whiskey and then a soba based shochu. Even though it was a cold night, it was ok sitting outside because there was plastic tents things and heaters. We could’ve stayed there for hours it was great. But we were off to Disneyland the next day so had to call it a night earlier than we would’ve liked.



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