Saturday 25th January
Today we went to Disneyland. I love Disneyland. The last time we were here was on our first trip to Japan in 2005, so it was exciting to be coming back. We got there early (but couldn’t quite make it right at opening time) and it was already super busy. There were huuuuge lines for everything – not only the rides but for food and toilets too! We still managed to go on most of the rides we wanted to including Haunted Mansion, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (really awesome ), Peter Pan, Pirates of The Caribean and others. Disappointingly we didn’t get to go on the new Monsters Inc ride – despite our best efforts of trying to go on it during parades and fireworks times, the queue was just too long (usually over a 2 hour wait!)


Ok, so on to the food. It was a cold day, so warm food was in order. I can’t believe how many people eat Icecream in the freezing cold – I just can’t do that kind of thing! First up, we had a morning snack of Mickey shaped steamed shrimp & pork buns.



For lunch it was burgers & fries. And an oolong tea.



After much wandering around the park, and arvo coffee was in order, so we stopped off for some Mickey waffles. I had strawberry, Steve had the Seasonal Special which included matcha Icecream and adzuki.





Then, later I found the popcorn case that I wanted, so it was popcorn time.


I’d been seeing people walking around eating turkey drumsticks all day, so when it came to dinner time, I couldn’t resist getting one too. We also got fried chicken.





We left when the park closed around 10pm. Tired but happy.


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