Nozawa to Tokyo

Wednesday 22nd January
Today we said goodbye to the snow and headed back to the bright lights of Tokyo. After leaving Nozawa on the the 9:20am bus to Nagano than a swift change to the Shinkansen to Tokyo we were checking in to our accommodation in Tokyo by around 1:30pm. Nice. We headed out to to check out the Tokyo Skytree – via the Panda Bus. I was very excited about catching the Panda Bus.


We FINALLY found a Mister Donut at the Skytree – and even better it was a special store “Pon De Lion Park” and was themed all nicely with painted walls and cute chairs adorned with their mascot Pon De Lion. We had afternoon tea there.








After looking at the spectacular views of Tokyo from the Sktree, we stopped for udon curry for dinner.



And then after some shopping and looking at things we had matcha Icecream for dessert.


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