Yakitori Madness!

Apologies for my delay in updates here. Too much holidaying, not enough time for blogging. As I am so far behind, I’ll put days and dates to each post.

Monday 20th January
Today we decided to try a small yakitori place that we had wandered past quite a few times. It always smelt delicious. We opened the door to go in, and it was a tiny room, seating perhaps 15 at a squeeze. We joined a table with two other Australians at it. The bar seats were already filled with Aussies. In fact, everyone in three was Australian except the owners. Kind of scary. We chatted to the others at our table (Melbournians) and were soon joined by another 4 Perthies. Our table was full. We ordered some yakitori and oden. Steve was excited about finally getting to try oden. After some initial confusion, we got our order in and our food came out. It was really good. The daikon radish in the oden in particular. (Just for the record – the oden was described as “shades of brown” in the menu…hmmmm doesn’t make it sound appealing does it?)


We decided against having any alcohol – the beer came in one size, large and hangovers interfere with time on the slopes. So after finishing up our food and some good chats with our new table friends we decided to get the bill. The place was run by and oldish man and his wife. They didn’t have much English, but with our basic Japanese we are usually ok with this. However, when the lady brought the bill to us and it was 4800 yen (about 50 bucks) much confusion ensued. She had listed sake and beer and god knows what else on the bill, none of which we had. We think possibly that another table (that left just before us and did have beer and sake etc )got our bill and we ended up with theirs. So after much attempting to explain we eventually came to some random price of 2020 yen which was still too much, but was the best we were going to do.
Well, at least the food was tasty, if a little over priced!



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