Too much food today

Ate too much food today. Went to Paradise Dynasty in the ION Orchard shopping mall for lunch and ate waaaay too much. It was so delicious though, just couldn’t stop eating. The coloured dumplings are their speciality and they are all different flavours – the black one is truffle and had a generous slice of truffle in it. (FYI – it was my first time eating truffle and to be totally honest it was nothing special) The dark orange was crab roe. The grey was garlic. There was also ginseng, foie gras, cheese and I can’t remember the rest. Anyway, point being, we ate far too much.




These Shanghai dumplings (with condensed milk dipping sauce) were my fave.


Needless to say, when dinner time rolled around we were not hungry at all. BUT, we wer headed off to the Night Safari zoo, so thought we had better eat something. So we had a few pieces of sushi that we picked up at Isetan supermarket.





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