Taste the disappointment

Lunch today was fantastic! A second trip to the Department of Caffeine for a lobster roll and a delicious coffee.






But the day in food got progressively worse from there. Afternoon tea was matcha lattes and a matcha tiramisu at Matcha house in the Suntec Mall. It was ok, but not up to the Japanese standards I’m used to.



And then dinner….look it was actually fine but when you are in a place like Singapore where there is SO much fantastic food and you only have so much stomach space, when you choose a place to dine that is just average it is kinda disappointing. We felt like ramen. I checked it out on the interwebs and everything. “try the ramen at Tampopo” the Internet said “they have kurobuta (black pig pork) ” it told me. And so I was fooled by the lure of Kurobuta pork. Alarm bells sounded when the menu informed me that this restaurant served not only ramen, but pretty much every type of Japanese meal you can imagine. Sushi, sashimi, pork katsu, udon, soba, etc etc But no, we persevered and ordered a bowl of ramen each. I got what I assumed was Tonkotsu broth (it didn’t actually say that) and Steve got another one that I think was pretty much the same. The waiter snickered a little under his breath when we ordered them – like he knew something we didn’t know. Like, the ramen wasn’t actually any good. Anyway, after about 2 seconds our bowls arrived, and to be honest, mine looked a bit like dishwashing water. It had some pork and an egg and, wait for it – lettuce! WTF?? Ok, so once I got over my initial first impressions, the broth wasn’t so bad and the pork was decent and the egg was cooked well. But, at nearly 20 bucks a bowl, it so wasn’t worth it. Also it left a bad msg-y taste in my mouth. I wished we had’ve gone somewhere. Oh, well I guess they can’t all be winners.



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