Regal Crown & Velvet Lounge

We decided to go to Regal Crown Indian & Nepalese restaurant for dinner tonight. It’s just up the road from us, so pretty convenient. This is the second time we’ve been there – it’s always really quiet in there, which is a bit weird, but the curry is good. Tonight we went with a Nepalese chicken curry and Beef Madras. Also some butter naan and raita. The meal came out quickly, which was good – previous experiences at Indian restaurants have made me wary – one night at a place which shall remain unnamed *cough Cinnamon Club cough * took about 3 hours to serve us our meals. We were then compensated for our patience with a basket of used pappadums…but that’s a story for another time.
Anyway…the chicken curry was delicious as was the naan. Sadly I was a little disappointed with the Beef Madras. Although the sauce was tasty, the meat was really quite tough and chewy, which was a shame.





After dinner we walked up to the Velvet Lounge on Beaufort Street to see our friend Chad playing as The Gizzards at a gig put on by local video game developers SK Games. It was a great night. Video games to play – which were good fun and great bands.





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  1. Blainie, Me not being flippant and you being an adventurous and good cook, I do think you could publish your restaraunt reviews more widely. I feel I could visit the Regal Crown Indian & Nepalese restaraunt quite comfortably with no surprises nor incorrect expectations. Peter

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