Strawberry fields forever

Today (which was last Saturday 14th November) the weather was forecast to be 39 degrees. So what better thing to do than to go strawberry picking at Bullsbrook Strawberry Farm I had wanted to go for a while, but every weekend we seemed to be busy with something. So this weekend, there was no excuse. We left early and got there just after opening time of 9am. We bought 2 boxes for $10 each and then set off out in to the strawberry fields to pick a whole load of strawberries. It took just under an hour to fill our boxes, and then, incredibly hot and sweaty we headed back to the car to go home. Our car smelt like sweet strawberries. 

The rewards of our efforts

I started making strawberry icecream (from a really good Martha Stewart Recipe) but it was too hot for my icecream maker to work properly, so I had to put everything back in the fridge and freezer until tomorrow.

Later in the evening as the sun began to set we enjoyed Strawberry Ginger Caipirosca Cocktails in the backyard. We briefly toyed with the idea of heading up to the Beaufort Street Festival, but then decided that standing around in a massive crowd of people didn’t sound like a lot of fun. 

We had a second cocktail instead.

We eventually decided we had better have some dinner. Quickly cooked up some ginger pork with rice and an egg.


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