Sun, beers, Converse sneakers and Dave Graney

The first thing I had to do on this Sunday morning was to finish the icecream that I’d started the day before. I got in early before the heat really kicked in. Whilst I was churning the icecream I made a pavlova (with the egg whites that were left over from the egg yolks I used for the icecream – no wasting food here, folks)

They both turned out super delicious. And even extra delicious when enjoyed together.


After stuffing our faces with pavlova and strawberry icecream, we headed of to the Fremantle Arts Centre where Dave Graney was playing a free afternoon show in their courtyard. We had actually gone to see him on Friday night also, when at the very last minute I discovered he was playing a show at the Hyde Park Hotel. So, we packed a couple of bevvies and our picnic rug and headed off. It was really busy there, but we found a spot I the sun (that no one wanted because there was no shade) and settled in for the afternoon. 

Dave Graney was great. Very entertaining with lots of witty in between song banter. Sadly, I think a lot of the crowd thought he was just a bit too weird and dint seem to enjoy him as much. Oh, well. It’s their loss.



After Dave Graney finished we headed done to the coast and enjoyed some beverages at Salt on the Beach. Then we decided to head in to Fremantle to get fish and chips for dinner. Haven’t had fish and chips (excluding homemade) for aaaaages! We went to Kailis. We had some house smoked octopus for an appetiser. 


We both had a seafood basket (or seafood bastard as we like to call them) each – 2 pieces of fish, 2 scallops, 2 squid rings and chips. They were actually quite nice and not too greasy. 


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