I totes baked a Christmas Ham

I’ve always seen people bake ham and wondered what that was all about. Isn’t ham already cooked? It’s never been something we ever had growing up. But this year, for whatever reason, I decided that I needed to try it out for myself. My initial plans were foiled however, when I realised how expensive a large leg of ham was. And who can eat that much ham? Determined, I forged on. At the Spudshed one Saturday, I happened across a still decent sized but much smaller ham for a reasonable price and decided that this was the one. I chose to bake this ham today, on Christms Eve Eve Eve, when the temperature was tipped to reach 40 degrees. I poked cloves in it and glazed it with a sauce made from maple syrup, brown sugar and Rosemary. Then I cooked it for a random amount of time (about 2 1/2 hours). It didn’t look as pretty as the ones I see in magazines and TV, but you know what? It tasted delicious! We ate some for lunch while it was warm and fresh out of the oven and it was really bloody tasty! I don’t know why I was so surprised, but I was worried that it would be all dry, but it wasn’t even a little bit dry. The cloves were a bit annoying though, and next time I think I’ll go easier on them. I think I ate about 5 cloves, which isn’t very pleasant at all. 

Quite the success in the end. The only problem now is, what the heck do I do with all this ham???

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