Soy sauce eggs

As mentioned previously, I’ve been watching too much Food Network recently. Not that this is a bad thing or anything. Whilst watching Chopped the other day, one of the basket ingredients was soy sauce eggs. Most of the chefs seemed to turn their nose up at them, but it just made me crave a perfectly cooked soy sauce egg (preferably in a delicious bowl of ramen, but….). I’ve made them in the past but haven’t been overly successful, so I did a bit of searching around on the net, and I found a slightly different recipe than I would normally use. Soy sauce, sake, mirin, water, ginger and garlic all go into the marinade. Put some peeled, boiled eggs in to the marinade and wait……

This was them after about 2 hours (because I couldn’t wait any longer) they were delicious. But I left another 2 in the marinade overnight and had them for lunch and they were superb!! My only gripe would be that I hard boiled the eggs. I currently have 4 soft boiled eggs marinating…I will report back later with how they turned out.

Ok, so we ate the eggs with some rice, sweet potato which I cooked with ginger, soy sauce and mirin (delicious) and some broccoli. A good dinner all up.


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