Breakfast at Taylor’s 

On Sunday we went for breakfast (well it was 2nd breakfast really) at Taylor’s Cafe in the Swan Valley. I like it there. They have nice food and good coffee. It was really busy when we got there, so we unfortunately had to sit inside (which is actually more than fine, but I just like it outside). We had some juices.

And I had poached eggs with toast (without the bacon because Steve forgot to order it 😦 ) and Steve had pancakes with fruit. 

After breakfast we drove to John Forrest National Park and had a wander around. I hadn’t been there in a long time. We walked up to Hovea Falls, but being Summer and all, there was no water. There were some cool rocks though.

We decided to go and have a drink at the tavern. We ordered our drinks and went out in to the courtyard, and were greeted by dozens of kangaroos! 


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