Fringe Festival Festivities

The 2016 Perth Fringe Festival started this weekend. I love the Fringe festival. Suddenly Perth is full of little bars and clubs and people wandering around. There’s hundreds of shows to see and lots of hanging out to do. 

We decided to go in to the city and check out the lay of the land. First stop, was a beer at the Urban Orchard.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon, perfect for sitting around and enjoying a few drinks. After a while we started to get hungry. We weren’t too inspired by the food on offer at the Urban Orchard, so we decided to head over to Lot 20. I had a beer and Steve had a girlie Aperol Spritz. We ate Smoked Brisket rolls and crispy river school prawns. 

Food and beverages were delicious. We also ran into my friend Christine who was on her way to see a Fringe Show with her sister. We chatted about nerdy TV shows. Relevant as the Fringe show she was off to see was “Graeme of Thrones”.

We finished off our drinks, then headed off down James Street to Russell Square where another Fringeworld area “The Pleasure Garden” was. We tried to buy tickets to see Arj Barker later in the week, but we’re disappointed to find out they had already all sold out. Bummer. So we went and had a beer inside the gardens. There were lots of food places and other cool things around.

After hanging there for a while we headed back to the cultural centre.

We ended up at another bar behind the museum. We sat in this weird rickshaw type thing. We made friends with a lady and her husband who were sitting next to us, and chatted for quite a while.

Then on to our last stop of the night, Noodle Palace, which was at Central TAFE on an outside roof top type thing. It was done up really cool, and lots of Japanese signs, that made us miss Japan. Luckily I was wearing my sushi dress, so I fit in well 🙂

We got hungry again, so had some chorizo tacos. They were tasty, but were too small.

Then we walked home. A successful start to the Fringe Festival, even if we didn’t see any shows.

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