Now where was I….

Well, firstly I do apologise for lack of updates over the last few weeks. I’m still here, taking photos of my dinners, it’s just been a busy time. The first few weeks back at school (work) are always mad, then there’s been family members getting wisdom teeth removed, a week of 40+ degree days, a new iPad (yay! No more WordPress crashes, I hope), planning for upcoming trip to Japan (less than 4 weeks away now! Eep!), Perth Fringe Festival and Arts a Festival events to attend, and well, just life in general really. Sometimes it’s just too much effort to blog. I will try to get you update to date! 

Firstly, here’s some things I’ve been eating recently.

Fish tacos  
I’m currently addicted to these macadamias. Can’t. Stop. Eating.

Pizza on pita bread (special guest appearance by Yuki)


Things on/with rice

End of part 1 of update.

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