I’m on a plane

Two planes actually. But not at the same time. And actually it was yesterday I was the planes. The first plane was a Cathay Pacific plane from Perth to Hong Kong. We got two meals on the flight, but I didn’t take any photos because I was tired (I think the first meal was like 1am) and it was FREEZING on the plane. And when I say freezing, I don’t mean the normal “Blainie is cold and everyone else is sweating” freezing, this was actual freezing. I wasn’t the only cold for a change. Anyway after only about a few minutes sleep on the 7.5 hour flight, we arrived in Hong Kong. With an 8 hour lay over, we headed in to the city for breakfast/brunch/lunch/whatever. Coffee and toasted sandwiches.

Then it was back on a plane bound for Tokyo. This flight was with Jal, and even though it was only a 3 hour flight we got a really delicious (and quite elaborate) meal. I like Jal.

And then we were in Tokyo. Hooray!

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