Here, Deer and Everywhere

AKA: Cafes, Cakes and Curries

Today we went to Miyajima. Yes, we have been to Miyajima before, but it is so lovely there, we needed to revisit. We decided to catch the “river cruise” ferry to Miyajima, because it was very convinient for us. Just a short walk to where it leaves from, then 4o minutes on the ferry, and you’re there.

We saw this heron bird thing when we first got off the boat.

Because we weren’t in a panic to see all the major touristy attractions, it meant we could just wander around at our leisure. Not that we don’t do that normally, but you get the point. We walked along a nature trail and saw some nature. And deer.

And an interesting temple that we hadn’t seen before.

Miyajima seems to have quite a few hip little cafes. We stumbled across this cute place and couldn’t resist stopping for coffee and cake.

Then, a bit more wandering and deer spotting.

Then lunch. This is what we had been waiting for – oyster curry! Unfortunately,it’s not Winter like it was last time we visited when oysters are in season and at their best. They were still pretty bloody good though.

Some more wandering. Some resting, and another cafe stop. This time for a matcha latte.

And then it was time for low tide, when you can walk out underneath the tori gate. It’s the coolest.

It was beginning to get a bit cold, but we really wanted to stay until sunset. We hung around for a while longer, just until the lanterns came on, then caught the ferry and train back into Hiroshima.

Back in Hiroshima we were in desperate need of dinner. We had walked past this beef place a few times and thought it looked good, so we decided to go in. There were no English menus and no one spoke English, we struggled a bit with our limited Japanese, but in the end managed to order sukiyaki for two. And it was freaking divine.


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