I’ve been a bit sick with some kind of cold or some such thing over the last few days. One of the perils of working with small children. I was craving any kind of Asian noodle soup, but particularly ramen and pho. Seeing as though ramen is too difficult (and the results almost always are disappointing) I decided to have a go at Vietnamese noodle soup Pho. 

I got a great and easy recipe from and a quick trip to Northbridge this morning provided me with all the ingredients I needed. 

Here’s the broth cooking up

And all the toppings ready to go. I added snow pea tendrils to the mix because I saw them in the shops and they looked good.

And the result? The meat was a little more chewy than I would’ve liked (wrong cut of beef) but other than that it was delicious! And I think it may have even cured me of my ails.



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