Pretending we are on holidays

Yesterday we decided to go for a bike ride. The plan was to head to J Bento for lunch. It’s a place I’ve been following on Facebook since they first opened, but have never visited because they are not really anywhere near where I live. So we decided a bike ride would  be a good excuse to go there. We wanted to leave early, but noticed J Bento didn’t open until 11:30am, so we decided to head to Matilda Bay for coffee and cake at Bayside Kitchen. We actually went there last week and really like it there, so decided a revisit was in order. 

And so we set off on our ride. It’s about a 40 minute ride from our place to Matilda Bay. We had a couple of quick stops to have a drink of water/take some photos/catch some Pokemon 😊

We enjoyed our cake and coffee at Bayside Kitchen. I had a Berry Almond Friand type thing, and Steve had a Coffee Crumble slice. Good cakes. Good coffee too. 

And the view isn’t half bad either.

Then we decided to continue our journey. We rode back around the river and over the Narrows Bridge – riding in to some seriously strong headwinds, I might add.

We found all sorts of places we had never been to before. Really interesting! I mean, I’ve only been living in this city for like, 42 years.

After about an hour of riding, we finally made it to J Bento. We were really impressed with the design and decor of the restaurant. Small, but super cute and stylish. Also there was a cool record player playing cool music.

After much choice anxiety on my behalf, I finally decided to get the Shio Squid Bento. Steve decided on the Aburi Salmon Bento. All Bento are served with onigiri, salad, potato salad and pickled daikon. Also there is free hot and cold green tea.

The food was delicious. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t order the crab soup because I really didn’t need that much food and I couldnt try any of their desserts because I’d already had cake earlier in the day. Oh well, there is always next time!

Then, the journey home. We had a brief rest at a park by the river then continued on homeward bound. We hung out under the Canning Bridge briefly, cos it was kind of cool under there.

And then, more riding. We rode home via the South Perth foreshore. It was such a lovely Summer’s day.

We got home around 3pm, and we’re feeling a little tired and sore after cycling just a little over 40km’s!! But rest we did not. After a  quick shower and costume change, we got on a train and headed in to Northbridge to check out the Fringe Festival. In the end we didn’t actually attend any Fringe things. We settled in at The Mechanics Institute for a couple of beers, made some new friends, and then met up with Pete & Nicole.

We stayed there for a few hours then headed next door to Alabama Song where we had cheeseburgers and fried chicken and whisky. 

Then we were back on the train and home and asleep before midnight. Phew! What a busy day! 

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