Black Pepper Crab

We were buying some seafood at Catalano’s on the weekend and the Blue Swimmer Crabs looked really good and fresh, so we decided to get a couple. I have wanted to try to cook Black Pepper Crab for a while, and now was my chance. I’ve cleaned cooked crabs before, but have never really dealt with raw crabs. Luckily for me,these days we have a handy thing called the Internet which provides handy instructions on how to prepare crabs. Also, I made Steve do it 😄

Basically all you need to do is pull the top shell off and get the gills and guts out. 

Then cut them into pieces ready to cook.

I decided to try and make some steamed Mantou buns to go with the crab dish. They turned out alright, but I think there is some room for improvement.

Then the crab gets fried up in the pan and the spices get added.

And before you know it, you have a tasty, tasty meal. Also made some Asian greens to go with it all.

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