Scallop and pea risotto

Now this meal was just the best! I’ve been getting back in to risotto recently. I’m not really sure why, as I was quite over it for a while and hadn’t made it for ages. But recently I’ve just been feeling like risotto. I had some scallops that I’d got from Catalano’s so I decided to make scallop and green pea risotto. 

I didn’t have any stock handy, so I quickly scoured the fridge for some random herbs and vegetables, and boiled up a pot of stock.

Then the risotto making process begins. The peas were boiled separately, then processed briefly (so they were still a bit chuncky) with some mint before being stirred in to the risotto towards the end of cooking.

I dried the scallops as much as possible on some kitchen paper before frying them up quickly in some butter.

When the risotto was cooked and seasoned, I served it up with the scallops on top. It tasted great (and looked pretty too!) Will definitely be making this meal again soon.

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