Bun Cha

I’m feeling a bit under the weather at the moment. I came down with a cold about a week and a half ago, but then it went away after a couple of days. I knew it would come back and it did today, just in time for the sunny Autumnal weekend 😪

But, not much can keep me from cooking up a delicious meal. I have wanted to try to cook the Vietnamese meal Bun Cha for a while, but sort of never got around to it. I saw it being cooked on an old episode of Food Safari the other night and realised it wasn’t as complicated as I had thought. 

Marinated the meat in the afternoon. Steve helped with prepping the marinade and the salad and herbs. There is pork mince that gets formed in to pattys and pork belly. I couldn’t get the pork belly I wanted (I wanted a whole piece but they only had slices) so when I sliced the pork belly it was a bit small.

Yuki likes to help too.

Ready to cook.

It turned out really, really good! So tasty.

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