Visitors from Sydney

Over Easter, Steve’s brother Mike & his wife Taryn and their two kids were in town. Apart from me seeing them very briefly on a very brief trip to Sydney in January, the last time we saw them was when we were all in Japan around the same time last year. So it was really lovely to see them again. We invited them around for dinner on Easter Saturday. Steve made some icecream (vanilla chocolate chip) on Friday for dessert.

Because making icecream involves egg yolk, we had a bunch of egg whites left over. Not being one to like wasting things, I decided to make some mini pavlovas with the egg white, to go with the icecream.

For dinner, I did my usual Japanese izakaya style cooking. Chicken karaage, tamgoyaki, umeboshi & cucumber pickles, yodofu, grilled salmon etc etc I thought I made waaaay too much food, but everyone enjoyed it so much  ate almost all of it! Sorry for no people in the photos – no one wanted to be in them đŸ˜„

There was JUST enough room left in our bellies for dessert.


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