I like Udon noodle soup a lot. You know what? I would almost go as far as saying that I like it more than ramen. Tough call, I know, but these days I’m finding ramen broth a bit heavy and Udon soup is usually lighter. We all know I like to cook my own Udon as see on SBS’ The Chefs Line, but sometimes I just want to go out for udon. Until recently in Perth this wasn’t really an option. Sure, there’s countless Japanese restaurants that amongst all the other hundreds of dishes they make, also make udon. But let’s face it, you and I know very well that they wouldn’t be very good. No, what we needed was an Udon restaurant that specialises in Udon and nothing else. Like in Japan, where you have ramen restaurants and udon restaurants and tonkatsu restaurants- they do one thing and they do it well.

Well, imagine my excitement when I discovered that Japanese Udon restaurant Hifumiya Udon House was opening an outlet in Perth. Yes, I was very excited indeed.

We headed in for lunch one Saturday afternoon not long after the store opened. You decided what type of udon you want (I got simmered beef), line up, order and move along the line, take any sides you want (tempura prawns, chicken karaage on skewers that sort thing) – trying really hard not to take more food than you can possibly eat (a real problem) then go to the cash register to pay. Once you’ve paid, you find a seat, sit down and enjoy your delicious udon.

It was really good. The noodles are made in house with local flour. The onsen egg was fabulous. I felt like I was back in Tokyo.

Thank you so much for coming to Perth Hifumiya. I will be back. A lot.

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