That time we visited Keisuke Tonkotsu King ramen

Hey ho y’all! Yes I’ve been very quiet on here of late. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Whilst looking through some photos I realised I never did an update of our visit to yet another new ramen place in Perth, Keisuke Tonkotsu King. It was a few months ago, so hopefully I’ll remember what happened.

We had been planning on a trip here for a while, but from all accounts, the queues to get in were constantly long. We decided to try our luck on a cold, Wintery mid week night. We met up with our friends Nicole and Pete and waited in the line that had already formed, despite the place only being open for half and hour. People round here like their ramen it seems.

Keisuke is very cooly decorated. Lots of old Japanese signage which definitely makes it look like a place you would find in Tokyo.

In the end we stood in line for maybe about 20 minutes, which wasn’t too bad I though. We scored a seat up at the counter. It’s pretty small inside, but nicely laid out.

We actually ordered our ramen whilst we were waiting in line. You get a bit of paper and you can make your selections whilst you wait. I got the Tonkostsu ramen with egg. They only have a few to choose from, which I like. They also offer free hard boiled eggs (as many as you want!!!) and bean sprouts on the table. A definite bonus.

Our ramens came out quite quickly and they looked delicious.

Another bonus is the sesame seeds in the mortar and pestle.

Here’s Pete eating as many eggs as he can.

And the verdict? Cool place. Definite bonus points for endless eggs and bean sprouts, but for me the pork was a little on the thin (and chewy side) and the broth just wasn’t quite tasty enough. But, overall, not bad and I would definitely visit again. And considering that just a short while ago we had nothing even close to this in Perth, I should consider myself damn lucky.

Next on the ramen tasting adventure – the newly opened Bari Uma. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, after ramen we snuck in a quick whisky at Varnish on King. Lovely little bar with a great range of whisky, and the Chattanooga 1816 is officially my new favourite whisky.

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