Eating all the food in Germany and Austria

Well hello. Long time no see. I’ve got a bit out of practice with updating this blog. I promise to update more regularly! We are in Austria at the moment, eating way too much food. We started with a few days in Munich, where we quickly got into the swing of European breakfasts.

Next stop was Vienna. We stayed in an awesome little apartment near the Karmelitermarkt. It was a great place in an awesome location. We did find ourselves buying food from the nearby Bio Markt and supermarkets a lot and eating in our apartment though, and mornings we made our own breakfast.

For someone that doesn’t normally eat bread, I’ve been eating a lot of bread here. Probably too much. But, it’s so damn tasty.

Other meals to note include – Schweinsbraten at a Gasthaus at the Naschmarkt

Tafelspitz and Knodel soup at a local Beisl

Apple strudel and coffee at various locations

Leberkase Rolls (so good)

Takeaway Japanese at a cute place called Mochi

Bratwurst from a Würstelstand

And some of the best icecream ever. Firstly at Tichy icecream

And then Eis Greisler where we had (among other flavours) Pumpkin Seed oil icecream!

Oh and beers by the river

Next stop, Graz. Stay tuned!


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