Graz and Voitsberg

After Vienna we headed to Graz to visit family. When we arrived in Graz we were in need of lunch. It was a lovely sunny day, so we sat outside at a cafe (with our luggage). I had rye bread with chives and anchovies. It was delicious! So simple, yet so tasty. These Austrians know what they are doing.

After lunch we met up with my Cousin Erwin. We would be staying with Erwin and his wife Irmgard in a small town about half an hour out of Graz called Voitsberg.

Crazy antics at breakfast the next morning. Now that I’m back in Australia I really miss Austrian breakfasts.

Then we went for a walk in the mountains and ended up at a Gasthaus for lunch.

Steve and I both had Schweinsbraten and Rindsuppe.

Then more hiking to work off lunch.

Dinner that night was Kaiserschmarn made by Irmgard. So very good!

The next day we went driving in the mountains and ended up at a Winery on the edge of the Slovenian border. We had lunch there and a glass of wine.

After lunch we actually crossed the border and went to a winery in Slovenia. Pretty cool being able to do that.

There were chestnut trees everywhere!

Morning tea on our last day was at my Aunt Grete and Uncle Leo’s place in Graz. Always so lovely to see them.

Afternoon coffees in the summer garden with Cousin Elvira and Second cousin Philip.

And Spaetzle for dinner made by Irmgard.

And before we knew it, our time in Graz and Voitsberg was almost over. The next day we were picking up a hire car and heading off on our on into the alps. It was a short but wonderful visit, and we plan to visit again real soon.

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