Magical land

We picked up (a very awesome) hire car in Graz and headed off bound for Ramsau Am Dachstein, 1135 metres high in the alps.

Our first stop was lunch at a Gasthaus (which incidentally was at the start of the hike we did the other day with Erwin and Irmgard)

I had Speck Brot and Steve had Wild Gulasch. Exceptional.

Then we continued on through the stunning scenery, and after a quick afternoon coffee stop, we began our ascent to Ramsau. When we finally made it, we were pretty shocked to see such a magical place actually existed. So very beautiful.

After checking in to our (also quite stunning) hotel, we decided to walk to dinner. In hindsight, probably wasn’t the best idea as it was rather dark and cold on the return journey, but hey, what are holidays for if you don’t do stupid things every once in a while. Dinner was at Waldschank Gasthaus. Of course it was delicious, we had began to expect nothing less. But the real highlight was the Kren (horseradish) soup that Steve ordered. A return visit was in order so I could order it next time.

Damn, it’s gotten dark and cold, and now we have to walk for half an hour back to our hotel.

We made it home safely. Pro tip- iPhones are handy torches in the darkness of the alp night.

Stay tuned for Ramsau Part 2.

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