Oh Wie Schön ist Innsbruck

Innsbruck. I love this city. We very nearly didn’t come here on this trip, but at the last minute, managed to squeeze in a two day stay.

After lunch at the Wildpark, we got in to Innsbruck mid afternoon. After checking in to our hotel – the beautiful Goldener Adler, we went for a wander around the Old Town. I got to wear my awesome new coat.

For dinner, we had to revisit the restaurant/bar where we had our first ever Austrian dinner back in 2013. We had Rindsuppe and I had Schweinsbraten and Steve had Gulasch with Knodel. I ever had a beer

Great dinner in a great little place – even though it’s smack bang in tourist central, the quality is still very high. We even left them a tip this time around – something we failed to do last time we dined here. Don’t worry, we still feel bad about it even now – but it was our first meal in Austria and we didn’t know we had to tip.

The next day after a hearty hotel breakfast…

….and after much ummming and ahhhing about how to spend our only full day in Innsbruck, we decided to catch the cable car up the mountain. Last time we were here it was covered in snow, so it was quite a different experience.

We had lunch up the mountain. Bread and cheese and salad. The cheese was a Tirolean specialty sour cheese. I can’t quite remember what it was called, but I will endeavour to find out and update this post accordingly.

Back down the mountain, it was time for coffee.

Then we hired bikes and rode around the river. That was pretty cool, even if the bikes were a bit munted and mine had a wet seat.

Dinner at the Speckaria. A whole range of Speck – including wild boar and deer. So. Damn. Good. It’s not fair, I want this now.

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