Auf Wiedersehen Austria

Our time in Austria was sadly coming to an end, today we would be crossing the border back into Germany. But not before morning tea in nearby Seefeld, and a delicious Affogato and Apfel Strudel.

Then before we knew it we were in Germany. Actually the roads were so winding that we ended up back in Austria a few times.

Lunch at the top of another huuuuge mountain in Mittenwald.

Car snacks

Then literally 700 metres past the Austrian border we arrived in Füssen, our stop for the night.

Very beautiful here in Bavaria. We went for a walk to find us some dinner.

Dinner was average. I had Spaetzle which was ok. A lot of restaurants were closed and the place we chose was kind of theme-y. It looked cute, but that was about it. Oh, they can’t all be winners.

I can still see you Austria! Just 700 metres away!

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