Magical castle

Breakfast at our Gasthaus in Füssen was fabulous.

Then we went on a hike to find a castle. Super beautiful around here.

We found Neuschwanstein Castle (and all the tourists). It WAS pretty awesome though. We didn’t actually go inside, just wandered around the grounds and viewed it from a bridge.

Leberkase Rolls for lunch on the trek back down from seeing the castle.

Back in the town we tried to find a place for a coffee. We chose a place that looked good and ordered some coffees. When they arrived, I tasted the milk and it tasted so sour that I felt sick. We left our money (and coffees) on the table and hastily left. We probably shouldn’t have paid for those coffees, but….

We eventually found another place to go to. This time the coffees and cake were lovely.

We decided to walk back to our hotel but took a few wrong turns and got a bit lost. We saw some cool things though. For dinner we were going to have a supermarket dinner, but then decided to go and check out the nearby thermal springs and we ended up having dinner there. The springs were great and you could even see Neuschwanstein castle from the outdoor baths. Quite surreal. Dinner was good too. Sadly no photos of dinner but we had Weisswurst and Goulash I do believe.

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