Farewell Goodbye Auf Weidersehen Adieu

Our final day in Europe saw us driving from Füssen to Erding – a small town just outside of Munich and actually closer to the airport than Munich is.

First, we had an early morning trip back over the border into Austria, where we saw the spectacular Plansee.

A quick visit to a castle and a drive through some stunning Autumn foliage.

A visit to a local dairy where we sadly didn’t get to eat any cheese, but we did have a delicious yogurt.

Stopped for lunch in a small German town where we had Zucchini Cream soup for lunch in a small cafe.

Once we made it to Erding and checked in to our hotel, we headed in to the town to have a look around. We had some icecream.

For dinner we went to a traditional German restaurant. I had schnitzel and Steve had Rostbraten. It was very good and the staff were lovely. Made our last night in Germany memorable.

The next morning after our last European breakfast, we packed up and headed to the airport.

Next stop….Singapore.

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