Breakfasts at Shinazawa

So this was our 4th trip to Nozawa. And our 3rd time staying at Shinazawa Lodge. We love it here. The rooms are spacious and comfy. The owners are lovely. But best of all is the breakfast. The breakfasts that the Shinazawa’s serve up everyday are unbelievable. Every day there is something different, plus there are always the staples – rice, miso, bread, cereals, fruit etc etc Somedays there are even freshly made pancakes. On this trip the only thing that spoiled it for us a little was a very annoying family that was staying there the entire time we were there. I think they thought they lived there and their children were loud and unruly and would touch all the food and – later in our stay when they all came down with a cold – would cough on the food too 😡 We had to make sure we were at breakfast as early as possible so we could get our food before they tainted it all. And don’t get me wrong – I’m not a grouchy old lady, my tolerance for children is rather high – I do work with them after all – this family was just disrespectful to everyone. We even tried to be friendly to them at first and would say hello but they didn’t even bother reciprocating so we gave up. Anyway, enough about the the annoying family. Here is a selection of breakfast photos from our stay.

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