Vegetarians look away

Today was rainy and cold and blustery, so I decided to make slow cooked pulled pork.
It started with 2 kilograms of pork shoulder (which proved more difficult to get than it should have)


It was rubbed with salt and pepper and paprika then put in the oven on a low temp (160 degrees) for almost 6 hours.
Whilst waiting for it to cook I enjoyed a matcha latte and these weird matcha flavoured caramel corn snacks I bought at Daiso in Melbourne. They were strangely addictive.



After 6 hours it looked like this


Then it got shredded up. It was so tender, pretty much fell apart.



The crackling was top notch, served up with some coleslaw and potatoes it was so, so good. HEAPS of leftovers too!




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