Frozen fish tacos

The other day I stopped by Coles on my way home from work to buy some crappy frozen fish fillets because I felt like making fish tacos and I was looking for an easy solution. I know this fish is always disgusting, but occasionally, I like to remind myself and buy it anyway. As I approached the freezer isle I was greeted with an entire freezer section empty and devoid of any type of frozen fish product! I know, right, can you believe it? Frozen pizza? Yep, they had that. Frozen verges. Yep. Frozen spring rolls and moneybags? Yep. Every type of frozen food your heart could desire, but not even one box of any type of fish. I would’ve settled for fish fingers I was that desperate by this stage. Defeated, I left and went home and ate rice or something instead for dinner.  So when I was at the shops a couple days later I managed to actually buy a box of crumbed fish fillets, lest the desire to make tacos hit me again during the week. Well that day was last night (Tuesday). Traditionally my tiredest day of the week foursome reason. I finally got to make my fish tacos, and look, they were ok, but next time I think I’ll stick to fresh fish and crumb them myself. How can Frozen fish be sooooo greasy? 

Oh I made corn with chipotle butter too. 


  1. I don’t think highly of frozen and processed fish, but whole, raw, peeled prawns are great. We don’t get fresh prawns here in NZ so frozen is the next best thing. If you can get fresh though and if your palate is used to it, get fresh!

    • Oh for sure – frozen real seafood is more than fine. This fish was boxed crumbed processed fish – pretending to be fish fillet but in reality just an oversized fish finger 🙂
      No fresh prawns in NZ? But you are surrounded by ocean!

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