Fun in the Swan Valley

We took the car through the car wash this morning. I find more exciting than it probably actually is. Easily amused.

Then we drove out to the Swan Valley. First stop The House of Honey for some delicious local honey. Then it was on to Whistlers Chocolate, where I resisted the urge to buy anything for myself and just bought some presents instead. 

We decided lunch was in order so we next door (well, next property) to Taylor’s Cafe and Art House. We have been there a few times, but only for coffee. It’s so nice and chilled there, with tables scattered around under the big shady trees. Steve ordered the Spinach pancakes with lime butter and I got the Roasted Pumpkin open sand which. And a flat white each, of course.

I really loved the saucer Steve’s coffee was served on.

The food was delicious. Great flavours and supper fresh produce. Yum! I want to go back for their breakfast menu. We just missed it this time.

 For  dinner we had the leftover squid from last night.

And then I made up a batch of oven roasted muesli for the week ahead. Phew! Busy day! 


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