Scallops with roe!!!

Recently, I had been lamenting the fact that you rarely (if ever) see scallops with the roe on them in fish shops anymore. I was wondering the reasons why, and couldn’t really find any, other than the fact that the scallops don’t look as pretty with the roe on and thus may be harder to sell? I don’t know, that’s just a conclusion I have come to. Any one got any ideas? Imagine my surprise then, when I went down to Seafood Fresh in Innaloo to buy some squid (because I REALLY wanted to make salt and pepper squid for dinner) and saw scallops from Tasmania WITH THE ROE ON! I was so shocked I had to buy some, even though they era like $80 a kilo. 

I crumbled the scallops and fried them up and they were SO good. Then salt and pepper squid was alright too. 



  1. Are you based in Australia? Scallops are always sold with roe intact here in NZ. I heard that roe is removed because it is highly perishable. So if your scallop is sans roe, there’s a chance it won’t be as fresh as scallops with roe.

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