Last school day of the year

Today was the last day of school. This year seems to have flown by! It’s always kind of sad saying goodbye to all the kids in the class – some of whom I may never see again (if they move to different schools etc). When I was a kid, I don’t remember ever giving any of my teachers presents, but these days it seems to be quite the norm. So I got a some lovely things from a couple of children. Two of the presents were so thoughtful and sweet that I think they deserve a mention here. This one was a box of Korean teas, and the mum even wrote up a little sheet of instructions to explain how to make the tea. A simple idea, but really nice. And I love teas, so it’s perfect!

Another girl decorated some guitar picks and made them in to a key chain for me. I’ve been playing guitar and singing songs with the kids all year, and teaching them all the parts of the electric guitar, and about amplifiers, lead, picks etc My most proud achievement was teaching them Grandaddy’s ‘Nature Anthem’. It’s nice to think they’ll have a a childhood musical memory that doesn’t involve Katy Perry or Taylor Swift 🙂 So the present was really sweet I thought, and nice to know my efforts were appreciated.

Steve got out of hospital today, but as I was at work my brother had to pick him up. So after work I went and collected him from his house. Steve only managed to have a small dinner of toast and scrambled eggs. I went all out and made myself a poached egg 🙂 which after many years I’ve actually figured out how to do quite successfully.


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