Rob Snarski and sneaky Laneway

On Valentine’s Day we went to the Fremantle Arts Centre to see Rob Snarski play an afternoon set. (That has nothing to do with Valentines Day really, and it’s a stupid day anyway, but I thought I’d mention it so you have some sort of idea of the timeline here. And it sounded better than saying ‘on the the 14th of February’) Anyways, I always enough hanging out in the Freo Arts centre on a Sunday afternoon enjoying a beverage. It was a lovely day, and Mr Snarski was thoroughly entertaining. He played a random selection of tunes from his very large repertoire, including some unusual cover songs that he had been asked to record by fans. One of the songs he played was Pulp’s “Babies”. That was pretty awesome. We devised a new technique to poor our drinks.

It was a lovely afternoon.

After, we decided to head in to Freo for a drink at Little Creatures. Hadn’t been there in a long while, but I am pleased to report its still awesome there. Good beer, good food, great atmosphere. We ended up having dinner there. A pizza and chips. Little Creatures chips are my favourite.

Laneway Festival was on at the Esplanade park across the road. We had ummed and ahhed about going for months. But we eventually decided we couldn’t really afford it, and there wasn’t anyone we really HAD to see. One of the bands we were interested in seeing was Battles, and just as we were leaving LC, they were starting their set. We decided to see if we could watch them from behind the fence. We walked around a bit, but then discovered a bar next to the Esplanade Hotel where we could not only hear the band perfectly well, but could see alright too. So we settled in with a drink, I stole some guys seat (by accident) and enjoyed Battles. I tried to take a photo, but you can really only see fence and cars in the photo. In reality I could actually see quite well. Plus, it was entertaining seeing all the foolish people trying to jump the fence in to the festival.  


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