The Triffids!

We went to go see The Triffids at the Perth International Arts Festival. Well, when I say The Triffids, I mean The Triffids minus David McComb who sadly passed away quite a few years ago. I never got to see the Triffids with David McComb which makes me a bit sad as they are one of my favourite bands. But I was just a bit too young to ever go see them. They were playing around Perth in the late 80’s mostly. A few years ago the remaining members got back together for some shows which featured guest vocalists such as Steve Kilbey and Rob Snarski. I saw that show too, and it was amazing. They played for about 3 1/2 hours. So good. Tonight’s show was shorter and a little less elaborate, but still awesome. Rob Snarski sang some songs once again, as well as the dude from The Drones (I’ve forgotten his name) and a couple of over people. Great gig, and it was a lovely warm night. And the Chevron Festival Gardens are superb. 

But first, dinner. I marinated some tooth fish yesterday in miso so I cooked that up. Whilst trying to crisp up the skin, I burnt it a little, but it was still tasty.

And then, The Triffids.


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