Homemade Japanese curry

Yes, the emphasis is on homemade here. Now, regular readers of this blog would know that I’m quite find of a good Japanese curry. And usually a make the sauce from a pre packaged roux that comes in a box and looks like a bar of chocolate. Delicious, indeed, problem is, it contains ingredients I wouldn’t normally eat such as palm oil and MSG. It’s tricky to emulate the same taste though, but I thought if give it a try. I got the recipe from one of my favourite cooking blogs (justonecookbook.com) and I must say, I’m really impressed with how it turned out. It looked and smelled exactly right! It needed a bit if tweaking with a bit of salt, but it was pretty darn close to a pack of S&B curry. Yeah!
Made chicken katsu to go with it. So, so good.


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