The pumpkin seed oil saga….

Ever since I ran out of my last tin of Pumpkin Seed oil that I brought home from Austria in 2013 I’ve been desperate to get my hands on some more. Sure, a few places around here DO sell it. I think there are two different brands, but they are ridiculously expensive and mass produced. The oil I had from Austria was bought directly from the farmer at a market in Graz. The thing with Pumpkin Seed oil is, it only comes from Austria, and more precisely only from the Styrian region. But it is so good. And so good for you. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a company in Victoria who have started up a farm growing Styrian pumpkins in an effort to produce pumpkin seed oil. I finally got around to ordering a bottle the other day and it arrived today. I immediately pored some on some lettuce with a bit of salt and pepper (which is my preferred way of eating it, but you can use it in many different ways), and look, it wasn’t bad. But it just really lack that depth of flavour and richness that makes pumpkin seed oil so, so good. I was a little disappointed, I won’t tell a lie. But, I like to support Local industry, so once I’ve finished this bottle I will most likely give them another go. Until, that is, I manage to visit Austria again and stock up on the farm fresh stuff!

That was  a bit of a digression, but we did enjoy the pumpkin seed oil on lettuce with our dinner of grilled salmon. The salmon was especially delicious tonight. 


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